14 things about Adil

Time flewww so fast! It has been 14 months since me and Adil being together. Such a lovely time I've had... hope he feels the same tho :)

The things is, I've been crushing on him until now, unbelievably, in every simple yet precious thing he does. Nobody perfect they do say, but for me..... Adil is. Tomorrow is another common day yet by writing down here reminiscing who Adil is and what just he did in my life, would it be captured nice? So here we go, dil!

1. Fam First Boy
Adil was born as the first kid on his fam. He has one younger sister, a cool mommy, and a classy daddy. He has spent his life in Chicago back then when he was a little boy due of his dad study abroad. He ever told me that when he was back to Jakarta, he had some hardship in order to adapt with his local friends. They act against him sometimes but who cares, he has a great family by the way. Adil's family used to hangout every weekend, once or twice a month with the big one. I always love to be with them... because of foremost reason, this guy just showed me how does it feel to have an intact, a happy family.

2. A Part Time Loner
Adil tends to be alone rather than mingles in crowd. At any point somehow I see him having spaces between himself to the others. He might laugh hard at your jokes but deep inside he just wants to go home. He has only few friends but that's enough, he knows he'll always have me! :p

3. Datsun Geek
Adil loves this car........ more than he loves me I guess! Hahaha but that's okay I love it too. He loves it most when it screams out loud but sometimes it really really freaks me out. He is a brutal driver, fyi. 

4. Bravo Bassist
I think his bass was his first girlfriend ever. He is good at playing it. Psssttt, I fell in love with him just by seeing his pict holding his bass somewhere on the web lolololol. I remember the first time I saw him playing bass was on Portico, I forgot the exact time tho. I can't stand not to bring him flowers. Now, he may give up on his dream to be a success musician due to some reasons but hey I'm the one who's gonna tell him that I was a proud girlfriend and will always ever be :D

5. Bingo! Music Taste
It's just amazing that in over 7 billion people who live in this world, Adil has the same music taste with me. This cool boy, which is my boyfriend, influenced by electro alternative pop and that similar rhyme; a music taste that I've rarely met in someone. When everyone didn't get why I listened to those kind of musics back then, Adil shut them up.

6. Sports Hater (?)
He hates doing sport (sighhhhh). He is as lazy as fckk hahahahaha neither do I. The only sports that can almost catch his attention was swimming. But we never swam together. It was rather a playing water together :(

7. He Drinks Sweet, But Not That Sweet Anymore
Just laugh above but sadly it's true hahahahaha. When I and Adil going to cafe or restaurant or anywhere we eat at, he always orders sweet drinks. From mocktail to sweet tea, from sodas to fruit punch. He used to be a really sweet guy, also. But now he grows up to be a half of me hahaha I always miss the sweetie cutie pie version of you but I miss you everytime tho :)

8. Favorite Food?
I don't know exactly his favorite food HAHAHAHA he loves everything that can be eaten apparently!

9. He Loves Beach Then He Turns Red
Adil has a very sensitive skin. He loves beach to be a travel destination but when we go home, his skin just turned to be red for days ahead. And I know it hurts for him :( but not that hurts as we have gone the long wrong way to reach Ujung Genteng virgin beach hahahahahaha the craziest yet the most fun road trip I have ever done with someone. No, not just someone, it's Adil I have been with :)

10. Morning Person
He always woke up in the morning earlier than me! Hahahahahahha sorry not sorry :p

11. Revenge? Why Not
Hahahahahah really, he's such a spiteful. Over times when I fought with him, he always knows the spot he should hit to make me feel guilty :( no more fighting, promise?

12. Pampy Boy
He is! He loves to be kissed in the forehead and to be pampered anywhere all over his body when he's sick. I couldn't stand to leave him alone when he's sick... I don't know why but when I looked at his eye I just feel I have to embrace this little boy and protect him from any evil power out there :(

13. Overthinker
He does, he really does. Hey baby don't be afraid... If the future is scary that means you have worked on something to make it worth it :)

14. He is the one for me (or at least I believe so).

Happy 14th, Adil Mochtar! :)