One Tuesday in September, 2015

Hi there, just try to make a quick update.

It's been so long since the last time I wrote here; told you everything in my life that has been up to. Well, it turns out... amazing :) I kind of confuse untuk mulai dari mana, what if... oh okay, my after-campus life sounds fit in.

After graduated on September 2014, sebenarnya gue gak punya target tertentu yang harus segera dipenuhi. My bad indeed, karena akhirnya sempat bingung mau ngapain dalam waktu dekat, waktu itu. Apakah mau langsung kerja atau kuliah lagi, dua-duanya sama-sama menarik and you know, challenging so I tried them all hahaha. But the good news is, life turns out unpredictably fun when you just decide what you should decide, I mean it was like... not to chase the opportunity that you're about to have but to make what you already have as the opportunity itself. And that happened to me when I was accepted at one of national growing television, as their journalist. Bener-bener gak pernah kebayang sebelumnya how adventurous yet fun a life of a journalist could be. It's like you have that press-id you'll get all access everywhere lol. I enjoyed it for a moment, oh no, for 9 months to be precise. And that was, really really, the most precious career experience in my life until now.
The perks of being a journalist, was never as easy as everybody thought would be. I mean when it comes to your shift you just have to do that even ketika semua orang berkumpul sama keluarganya saat malam takbiran, or when your long distance relationship sister by blood having her birthday but you can't pick her up as her flight landed home. Yes, my sister got her sophomore this year that I hate to admit too I got way much older than her.
Sooo let's back to my journalist life, after a long time of thinking and listening here and there and everywhere; I decided to submit a resignation letter. Sekali lagi, being a journalist is not easy. Doesn't mean gue cengeng atau gimana but I just can't see myself toward within that tunnel. The schedule, as the foremost reason I quit, just didn't fit in with another stuffs I planned for the future (well I learned from what I didn't do backward: making plan). And it can't go alone. But you didn't choose life, life chooses you.

After that, alhamdulillah I got another job in specifically not a long time; two weeks. This new job offers regular office hour for which I hopelessly seek in the previous one. And alhamdulillah also, I decide to complete His rule as a woman, to be more grateful for the never ending blessing He pours my life with. If anybody asks why I don't know what can answer best. All I know was I only have now so as long as that time still belongs to me I should do what The Creator told me to. And I'm happy, proud, and feel peace :)

And all these great decisions were come up from this man too. The one for at least I believe to be a partner in raising my children with :) hehe. One year feels like a blink of an eye spent with him. Sekarang lagi nabung nih sama Adil buat......... hehehe doain aja ya :) alhamdulillah can't be more grateful enough.

ps: keep me updated! love, your online diary :p